Are you ready to slay your old stories and claim the throne of your Future Self?



You want more money, more time and more freedom

You want to live more of your life

You want to get out of debt

You want to start your business

You want to grow your business

You want to admit that dream you’ve been holding tight to

But the story you have been telling is holding you back and you know it.

You've tried to change.

You've done somethings.

You have a list of manifesting tools and techniques plus five notebooks full of notes from books. 

But none of it is working...

Or at least not fast enough...

Not in a way that makes you believe you can really have it all

You want more and you want it now!

I am Cassie Parks and I am a Future Self Bouncer. 

When you enter my world, you no longer get to tell the stories that are holding you back

You no longer get to be less than you were meant to be

Money becomes a gift rather than a burden

Your dreams feel possible

And you get to start living the life you have been dreaming of sooner rather than later

Because I will help you bounce every thought, feeling, belief and action from your life that is not in alignment with your Future Self. 

My clients go for what they really want

And they are successful

They make more money by working less (Michele 7x her passive income)

They manifest their dream homes (Maggie's been living there a year)

They figure out how to make their businesses work (Jeanne is enrolling new clients)

Whatever their dream, it happens...

Their life gets better, much better. They are happier, worry less, and love their lives more.

They don't feel stuck anymore

And they connect with those they love on a deeper level.

How does this happen?

First, we change their money story. The one that has been keeping them stuck by repeating the same pattern year after year, no matter how much money they make. (Yes, you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars and still be living a story that keeps you from abundance)

Second, we tap into the future they want to have and get all the juicy details.

Third, they learn to tap into their future self now for guidance and keep moving toward her.


It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it.

We don’t talk about the past or try and fix your “limiting beliefs.”

We focus on who you want to be five years from now, so you can start being her now.

I teach you how to step into what is possible and stay focused on what you want rather than what’s not working.

We won’t “fix” you, we’ll grow you

I combined my money and future self coaching into one monthly group coaching program, so you can get what you need when you need it. (Go right from laying the foundation with money manifesting to getting in touch and living from your Future Self.)

This is for you if...

  • You want to attract $10,000 or more
  • You want to change your money story
  • You want to figure out how to get the Law of Attraction to work
  • You want to grow

  • Are courageous

  • Are coachable

  • Like to celebrate

  • Want to have fun and laugh along the journey

  • Are ready to invest your resources (time, money and energy) in becoming your future self and living the life you have been dreaming of

  • You are ready to slay your old story so you can step into your dream life

The Enchanted Circle is NOT ideal for people who...

  • Don't want to be coached
  • Are too busy to do assignments
  • Don't like to celebrate their successes as well as those around them
  • Want to change the process to do it their way
  • Anyone who wants to blame someone else when something doesn't work out the way they desire
  • Don't enjoy a good belly laugh

Here’s how we'll help you attract more money, time, freedom and the life you want…

You start by going through the process (Manifest $10K) that has changed thousands of money stories*

Next you will participate in one of my future self workshops

Along your journey you'll have access to me to help you stay on the path and step into your Future Self more and more everyday

If you’re ready for me to be your coach aka Future Self Bouncer here’s how it works…

Click the apply button at the bottom of the page.

You’ll be taken to an application.

Fill it out.

When there is a spot open, you'll be notified and will have 24 hours to enroll before your spot is offered to the next person in line. (Sometimes there is one open right away and sometimes it's days or weeks)

Once you're in The Enchanted Circle...

You start right away!

You will get invited to weekly coaching calls

You can ask questions any time they come up

You get access to trainings and courses I add along the way (based on what I see the group needs)

I’ve got you.

We’ll do this together.

I want to see you with all the money you desire, living in your dream house, part of an amazing relationship.

This program will support your continued growth

You can create what you want.

The investment is $333/month

It is a monthly membership and you can cancel at any time

The payment will be automatic

There are no refunds

The possibilities are infinite!

Start writing the story your Future Self lives every day.

I’ll be your bouncer

Let’s do this!


5 years of coaching for

$5555 (will be $11,111 Jan 1, 2021)*Payment plans available


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